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SEO and Internet Marketing: Two Terms, One Profitable Meaning. SEO Website Results’ headquarters is in Dallas / Fort Worth, reaching the world. Our Internet Marketing and SEO Company can provide your website with on-page and off-page technologies to further your website’s online visibility. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and professional Internet Marketing services provide what businesses look for: traffic that converts.

During our 15+ years in online research and development, we have taught at various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing events. We recently taught at an Internet Marketing event in Australia. The trip was as rewarding as teaching about SEO and Internet Marketing!

After returning to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we attended another Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing convention. Again, we gladly accepted questions pertaining to SEO and Internet Marketing. Although the two events were held half a world away, one question resurfaced frequently. “What’s the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing?” Shows how the web connects the world doesn’t it? No matter if you’re in Dallas / Fort Worth or the other side of the globe, your business can benefit from the power of online advertising with our professional SEO services.

We’re honored to have the privilege of helping any size business grow with our proven SEO and internet marketing strategies while reducing their advertising costs. Not only for businesses in the Dallas / Forth Worth area, but for anywhere in the world.

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SEO and Internet Marketing Defined

The terms SEO and Internet Marketing are often used interchangeably. In reality, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing are as different as rain and sunshine. They both serve a goal. But when search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing are in balance, you’ll find growth.

Specifically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is part of the larger category of Internet Marketing. SEO employs scientific methodology that affects the visibility of web pages in the search engine’s natural, unpaid (organic) results. Internet Marketing encompasses all aspects of online/human interaction.

• Let’s look at search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing a little deeper.

Website placement results are dictated by their current ranking algorithms. These algorithms change hundreds of times per year so the professional webmaster must maintain the knowledge of those changes to maintain their customers’ growth!

But despite the changes, there is a constant in SEO: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page consists of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics within web pages to improve the site’s organic (non-paid) position in search engines. “White Hat SEO” follows ethical search engine rules and policies for optimization as opposed to “Black Hat SEO”, which negatively manipulates websites for possible short-term gain. Using black hat methods will result in penalties and should be avoided at all costs. SEO Website Results only uses approved white hat methods and will never use any unethical black hat tactics.

Off-page consists of SEO strategies that are executed elsewhere on the internet for the purpose of improving your site’s organic (non-paid) position in the results pages. It pushes more traffic to your site, thereby positively improving its ranking.

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SEO & IM to Reach Dallas, Fort Worth, the World

On-page SEO activities include:
  • Thoroughly researched keywords and key phrases
    Keywords are often overlooked and many don’t understand their importance in the success of their website. Keywords must be chosen and placed strategically for optimal online results. Long before the internet, Mark Twain said it best:
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  • Keyword integration
    Integrating keyword(s)/key phrases naturally into title tags, meta descriptions, headings, alt text, etc.
  • Unique and original content including the right keyword density
    Copying and pasting duplicate content from another website could harm your online success. Often it places your site so far in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) it has little hope of ever seeing the light of day. Content rules today’s SEO.

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  • Internal linking
    Proper linking structure in your website is important because it signals search engines what is important and relevant for your site.
  • Professional images
    Professional images are part of the overall first impression of your website to retain visitors. But equally important, images can be optimized to rank higher for your keywords or keyphrases.
  • Social sharing
    Integrating the ability to share your content on social networks directly from your website increases user interaction.
  • Google authorship
    Google Authorship allows you to cement yourself as a Subject Matter Expert across the internet – giving more authority to your brand.
  • Website load speed
    47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less. Nearly half of online shoppers leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

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  • Website Organization
    A well-organized and easy to navigate website will retain your visitors and decrease your bounce rate. This will decrease the time it takes for your site to rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).
  • Geo tags
    Making your geographical location known can help your rankings in local searches.
  • A well done blog
    Your blog should only contain information relevant to the overall theme of your website. This will increase your authority in your area of expertise.
  • and more!
Off-page SEO activities include:
  • Video Optimization
    A powerful, professionally created video can produce positive, long lasting results for your brand. It is one of the most effective ways for your visitors to remember you. Consider the science behind this:
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  • Link Building
    Ask authoritative websites to link back to your website by providing them with high-quality content that would appeal to their readers.
  • Articles and Blogging
    Writing articles or blogs for related websites can gain you more exposure to new audiences. Regular and frequent blog posts show your site is active, current, and “fresh,” which helps boost the site’s ranking in the organic (non-paid) results.

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  • Forums
    Participate in forums to connect with larger audiences that share the same interests.
  • Create additional website(s)
    This may not be as common as other off-site methods, but properly done (sticking to white hat SEO techniques), the results can be fruitful.

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  • Social Media
    Social media marketing with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram can be powerful influences for your business. There are literally hundreds of social media networks. Niche social media sites can help reach your target market. A single click can reach untold thousands! There are more than 650,000,000 active user accounts on Twitter. Almost 10,000 tweets are sent every second. A well-crafted message sent to your own followers could be re-tweeted or shared to unknown thousands of other people who are outside your direct reach. This can increase your site’s visibility, and in turn bring you more qualified leads.
  • Pay-Per-Click
    Another off page activity can be pay-per-click advertising (PPC). In some instances utilizing a short term PPC campaign can be beneficial for a new start-up as it gives you immediate visibility if it fits in your budget. Organic SEO does take longer to show results. However, in the grand scheme of your on-line success aiming for organic results is not only more cost effective, it also establishes an online credibility you might not establish with PPC. When it comes to evaluating your own websites goals of growth it is wise to evaluate your specific needs.
  • and more!

Remember the days of infiltrating prospects with television ads, radio, billboards, direct mail, and many forms of printed materials? Those days are now gone.

People today don’t want to be interrupted by a barrage of advertising. They are turned off by brands that still use the old forms of advertising. This is known as Interruption advertising. But there is good news if you change with technology. Internet Marketing,  is the new wave and it’s here to stay.

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To the consumer, Internet Marketing is a non-intrusive method of finding what they’re looking for. Consumers now shop for products or services on their own schedule. 94% of consumers seek out businesses online. For the marketer, this offers a much more cost effective and quantifiable method of producing more leads and closing more deals. In return, it decreases business advertising budgets and increases ROI.

Can we draw your attention to two words one more time? COST EFFECTIVE!

What’s puzzling is why many businesses still waste thousands of dollars using old interruption marketing methods. These old methods are not only largely ineffective, but have very short term results and almost no residual effects. Yet many of those same businesses balk at spending advertising dollars on Inbound Marketing, which is proven to be a worthwhile investment. It is a system that will bring you more qualified leads at an increasing rate. Internet Marketing, when optimization strategies are continued, will bring you results, FOREVER!

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Internet Marketing draws qualified prospects right to you as a result of professional optimization strategies. These SEO strategies are tailored specifically for your business or organization. This brings your prospects directly to you during their final stage of the buying or decision making process!

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seo team workingThe team at SEO Website Results is truly dedicated in striving to bring you to the top. It is with the utmost of sincerity when we say “Your Success is Our Success.”

Sure, we’re professionals in SEO/Online trends, but we maintain our business with a personal touch. If you ever have any questions, never hesitate to give our friendly staff a call, no pressures, no hassles, just help! Our offices may be in Dallas / Fort Worth, but we treat our customers many states away just like neighbors.

Additionally, like many of our competitors in the Dallas / Fort Worth area (and beyond), we don’t have to chain you to a contract. Our results are your contract. We do search engine optimization right (SEO)!

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Our Proven Services

Inbound Marketing
inbound marketing
Stop looking for customers using outdated methods. Shoppers today are online looking for YOU! We draw them to you. Harness the power of Inbound Marketing. Reaching Dallas/Fort Worth, the web. We bring your website where customers look–the screen in front of them!
Search Engine Optimization
search engine optimization
Many people ask “How do I get my website on Google?” You can have the nicest website in the world, but if no one can find it, your Internet Marketing efforts are useless. Our Search Engine Optimization can get your website seen.
Local SEO
local seo
Do you want more traffic coming to your physical location? With our Local SEO technology, our goal is just that. Local mapping is an important part of your online strategy. Dallas/Fort Worth or nationwide, we would like to pin you on the map.
Web Design & Development
web design
An amazing website is the most powerful promotional tool you can have. It can bolster the success of your business, 24 hours a day. Learn how we can create results for you! Our Dallas/Fort Worth team creates websites nationwide.
Social Media Marketing
social media
Social media outreach is more than just tweeting or posting. Engaging and building beneficial relationships with current and potential customers is vital for the growth of your brand. Don’t just collect followers, empower them to become your advocate for your brand.