Inbound marketing is the modern day business formula for effectively engaging online prospects: a proven methodology that involves delivering content to prospective customers when and where they chose to find it.

Inbound marketing provides targeted, quality content based on the online shoppers behavioral data, as well as the prospect’s current stage in the buying cycle. Our proven inbound marketing strategies work, as we stay on top of technology. The way people view and respond to advertising has changed in recent years. More than 9 out of 10 of today’s consumers want to be in control of their shopping experience. This is why they now use inbound marketing as their preferred method in seeking goods or services. They want to seek out what they’re looking for, rather than be interrupted by advertising messages bombarding them. Studies from leading agencies show consumers find it intrusive when they are targeted by advertisers. This is why people now seek what they are looking for on the internet. Online search now dominates the way people interact, look for businesses and shop online. Inbound marketing is not only proven effective, inbound marketing is here to stay.  By harnessing its power you can attract today’s online shoppers!

Instead of wasting money on outdated, outbound methods such as TV and radio commercials, purchased e-mail lists, pointless mailers and then praying for leads (known as interruption marketing), inbound marketing (attracting people to your website) focuses on taking advantage of all aspects of online/human interaction. This includes a professionally optimized website, earned social media marketing, blogging and much more. Inbound marketing not only brings qualified leads to you, inbound marketing then turns those customers into advocates for your business. Why? Because shoppers who find what they are looking for on their terms are far more likely to share their buying experience with their peers.

When you have a fully optimized website, it will pull people directly to your products or service(s), where consumers naturally want to be. By aligning your website’s content with your customer’s interests, you are naturally going to attract quality traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time.

With inbound marketing, customers find you on their terms!

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What percentage of consumers respond to inbound marketing that draws them to a professional, optimized website? According to research by Forbes and countless others, an amazing 93% of consumers actively search for businesses on-line (source: HubSpot).

Our staff at SEO Website Results has had the pleasure of talking with thousands of business people about their sales and advertising needs over the past fifteen years of business involvement. For most of them, the underlying frustration in advertising is the cost involved in using old school methods of outbound marketing. One particular conversation comes to mind. His name was Jeff.

Inbound Success – Jeff’s Story

Jeff’s story is no isolated case. He had a small business nestled in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Like many, he didn’t understand modern online shopping, let alone, the power of harnessing inbound marketing. He wanted to increase his sales revenue, so he spent a large part of his budget on outdated methods: radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, direct mailers, and the phone book. He even hired a guy to twirl a “Shop Here” sign on the street corner, hoping to direct more customers to the store. bad marketingThe guy listened to his i-pod, strummed the sign like a guitar and waved at passing cars. A lot of people honked and smiled, but then drove right by. Nobody actually stopped in the store to open their wallets! Not only was this business’ advertising dollars falling painfully short in their ROI, they showed little to no short term results, let alone any residual effects.

I [Greg] later stopped by Jeff’s store because I happened to be looking for something he offered. It didn’t take long to see the store being truly in trouble. Jeff was a very friendly guy and the type of person that is easy to develop a bond with quite quickly. After I told him what our company did concerning using the internet to draw qualified buyers to him, he was quite open to listen. Naturally, we went to lunch that day, both looking to dive in and save his drowning business.

The first question I asked him was what he was doing with his website. He looked down, took a sip of his soda, then looked up and said “It may as well be a boat anchor. I haven’t touched it for more than a year”. He claimed it “just didn’t work” to bring in any business. Needless to say, this was my first red flag from Jeff. But it was also the first opportunity I had to show him what could be done to make that “boat anchor” a “sailing ship” through inbound marketing! His ears perked-up. What’s inbound marketing, he asked? This was my golden opportunity for the question: “What if my company could show you how to spend less, yet with everything done in order through proper inbound marketing strategies and Search engine Optimization/SEO you could have a higher ROI”? I explained a little more while I saw light bulbs go on in Jeff’s head. Light bulbs of a much brighter future. Sparing you the details, Jeff no longer has that “sign twirler” in front of his store. The sign guy is now a full time employee (and yes, he still plays a mean air guitar). Jeff now has plans to expand his business. His biggest decision now is where in the Dallas /Fort Worth area to expand! Needless to say, Jeff is enthusiastic with our inbound marketing which brought his success.

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing.
If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.”

~Guy Kawasaki; Former Chief, Apple Corporation

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While attending an inbound marketing and online advertising conference, industry leader Brian Halligan (CEO, HubSpot) said something that should arrest the mind of any business owner or organization who wishes to find success with their well crafted website and activities surrounding it. “To find success and expand your business revenue, you must match the way your prospects learn about and shop for the products or services you offer”.

Our culture learns and shops on-line. Those looking to grow in their industry should be mindful of his words of wisdom!

Our own research team at SEO Website Results has concluded why today’s consumers adapted so rapidly and willingly to meeting their wants or needs through inbound marketing.  In most on-line searches when consumers are comparing websites, they use keywords specific to one of three stages; the researching stage, the comparison stage, and the decision/purchasing stage. No matter the stage, there are many benefits of having a highly optimized website ranked well in the search engines. A few are:

  • 75% of consumers prefer shopping on-line (Inbound Marketing) because it saves them time (source: HubSpot).
  • 60% say it makes price comparison easier.
  • 68% find it easier to find variety on-line.
  • 55% have found there to be a benefit in finding pricing.
  • 30% enjoy the benefit of not paying taxes on-line. And, the majority says it makes up for shipping.
  • 60% find benefit in not having to deal with crowded establishments. Even if they go to the brick and mortar store the researching has been done in advance. Most of these people have had their items waiting at the check-out stand when going into the store. However, half again find themselves making impulse purchases once they reach the store.
  • 40% mention the savings on gas. And, a major portion of the same group admits the savings on wear and tear on their vehicle.
  • 78% said they found a business during an online search (and made a purchase) that they had never visited before.
  • 81% of online searchers admit that the modern professional appearance of a website was a deciding factor on whether or not they would do business with the establishment. Of this same group, the other deciding factor was if the business was socially engaged with their audience. 68% of these searchers checked out the company’s social media engagement before buying.
  • An easy to navigate website is more convenient for customers. Many consumers visit a website before they physically go to the store. Having a website gives you the ability to gain more exposure among new customers, thereby driving more customers to your brick and mortar locations.
  • Because your website is online 24/7, customers aren’t limited to learning about your business during normal business hours. No “after hours” sign appears on your website. People have the flexibility of viewing your website any time, day or night. In fact, 71% of online searches for products or services are done after 8pm. Convenience is key for drawing more customers to your business.

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  • If a consumer can’t find what they are looking for locally (even with a popular local store), inbound marketing is the method that will bring them to you. Customers can find your business in their internet search. This increases your out-of-area customer base. Inbound marketing widens your customer base.
  • Having a voluntary email sign-up on your website improves communication with your clients and increases customer retention. Successful email campaigns not only keep your business brand in front of your customers, it provides your business further opportunities to promote sales, events, and upcoming activities.

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HubSpot, an inbound industry leader in search engine optimization says this: “Inbound Marketing has proven results as being the most effective method for gaining loyal consumers”. They find your business via your properly optimized website. It’s a win-win situation. The consumer feels in control of the purchasing process while the business owner gains a customer. Not only does the business or organization gain a “fan”, that person becomes and advocate promoting your establishment. At SEO Website Results we love what we do, and it shows!

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The professional team at SEO Website Results are experts in search engine optimization and Inbound Marketing. Not only because it’s our business and we pride ourselves in doing it with the utmost of integrity, but it’s also our passion. Inbound marketing is a win-win for both the consumer and the business community alike. Inbound marketing is not only the most influential and positive experience for the consumer who is searching on-line, it is also the most cost effective form of outreach for the business!

With more than 90% of potential customers searching on-line, if you employ our proven strategies, you will not only grow your business over time, but your customers will find you on their terms. Our Search Engine Optimization/SEO and Inbound Marketing Strategies work!

“A thrilled customer is the most potent marketing asset your organization can leverage.”

~ John Jantsch; Author, of inbound strategies

Why should a business focus on implementing our Inbound Marketing Strategies?
Simply put, because our Inbound Marketing works!

Inbound, outstanding results.

We are the premiere Inbound marketing specialists for all the Dallas, Fort Worth area. And beyond. Let’s get you growing!
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