Our Local SEO Services (also called Local Mapping) are specifically designed with the goal of driving quality leads to your localized business. Our Local SEO Consultant team uses the latest technologies of search engine optimization (SEO) with your end goal in mind. We strive to bring you above your competition using our sophisticated Local SEO strategies. Our Local SEO services and tactics tailor to your specific needs while keeping a close eye on your competition.

Our main headquarters are in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex, yet our Local SEO Company has the capabilities to reach far beyond Dallas, Fort Worth Texas. Even if you’re thousands of miles away, we can provide local search data as if we were right next door. Our Local SEO database technology allows us the capability to target any geographical region, right down to your block.

Looking for more customers? We have good news for you. They are looking for you too. Through our powerful Local SEO service we would like to connect you. If you have a single location serving your community, we have you covered. If your needs for Local SEO (Local Mapping) involve multiple locations throughout the country or abroad, we have you covered. No plane ticket required. Everything we do is designed for each individual search market. We have everything in place to give each of your locations localized visibility, no matter where they are! And, with our search engine optimization services we can keep each location properly optimized to showcase your site in front of prospects. You want your phone to ring more don’t you?

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What’s the Difference between traditional Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO?

organic searchNo matter if we are in Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere else, we are often asked that question. We’ll keep the answer brief.

While search engine optimization is a very fluid business, there are some basic differences comparing traditional search engine optimization (SEO) and Local SEO. Local search has a geographical element that standard search engine optimization don’t necessarily hold to.

Local SEO builds signals that are relevant around a certain location; a brick and mortar business/organization store front or office.

Organic SEO, however, revolves for the most part around a website. The website can be a web based business/organization that may or may not hold a geographical location. If a business/organization doesn’t have a physical location (such as affiliate marketers, internet marketers, bloggers, or any other strictly “internet only” businesses) they use organic search engine optimization to increase internet rankings and traffic to their website.

Traditional organic search engine optimization (SEO) can be influenced by a physical location, but it’s success is not contingent upon a brick and mortar location.

In traditional organic search engine optimization, the major search engines look for trusted and original content that is relevant to the main purpose of your website. However, in local search, the search engines seek out trusted and relevant locations.

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Many businesses/organizations get discouraged when they aren’t included in the Local Search results. They fill out a form, send it in, all to no avail. This is because Local SEO comes with it’s own unique list of stringent guidelines to follow, just as traditional search engine optimization does. It’s another layer of activities built upon an already complex list of search engine optimization acrobatics.

local seo DallasTo achieve successful Local SEO rankings, there is a long list of elements you need, errors to avoid, and items to improve. You must follow certain criteria. Keep in mind, search engines have a limited number of spaces for high ranking results and they give those privileged spaces to those who accurately abide by the guidelines. Give a good guess at how many barbecue restaurants are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area – all in the scramble for first page placement!

Getting your business included in the top organic search results alongside it’s mapping is the golden ring! This is a must for Local SEO as well as traditional SEO for bringing in those local customers!

As mentioned, to rank in Local search there are forgotten elements you need, errors to avoid, and criteria to follow. Now let’s look at just a couple samples of why many businesses/organizations are missing on the map.

Being consistent and accurate is part of the local search puzzle

Of the many requirements to be placed in Local SEO listings, one is known as “NAP” (Name, Address, and Phone number). Search engines use NAP as a measuring rod for accuracy in determining a businesses/organizations existence. For the search engine or directory to validate your location, everything MUST be in perfect alignment. If your NAP isn’t 100% accurate (having every “i” dotted, every “t” crossed, and every dash or apostrophe in the same place), you will find yourself in the myriad of “mapping mishaps” that will keep you from inclusion in local search, leaving the spot for your competition. NAP isn’t the magic bullet for success, but it is one crucial element.

In case you’re scratching your head, let’s use a couple samples using fictitious businesses. One located in Dallas, Texas the other located in Fort Worth, Texas:

Business #1 should be correctly cited as “Jacob’s Barbecue-N-Beans 123 Main St, Dallas, TX [zip code]”. Following are some samples of mistakes that would exclude this business from Local Search. Being fictitious we can’t use any phone numbers, but you’ll get the picture.local seo Fort Worth

  • Jacob’s barbecue N Beans 123 Main St, Dallas, Texas [zip code]
  • Jacobs barbecue-N-Beans 123 Main St, Dallas, Texas [zip code]
  • Jacob’s barbecue-N-Beans 123 Main Street (Dallas), TX [zip code]
  • Jacob’s barbecue and Beans 123 Main St, Dallas TX [zip code]
  • Jacob’s BBQ-N-Beans 123 Main St, Dallas Texas [zip code]

Business #2 is where Jacob buys his restaurant supplies. Our fictitious supply company should be cited as “Hank’s supplies-N-Grills 111 1St Street, Fort Worth, TX [zip code]”. Similar scenarios follow.

  • Hank’s supplies N Grills 111 1St St, Fort Worth, Texas [zip]
  • Hanks supplies-N-Grills 111 1St St, Fort Worth, Texas [zip]
  • Hank’s supplies-N-Grills 111 1St Street, Fort Worth, Texas [zip]
  • Hank’s supplies and Grills 111 1St St, Fort Worth, TX [zip]
  • Hank’s supply-N-Grills 111 1St St, Fort Worth, TX [zip]

The above fictitious scenarios are far too common in the real world and one of the many reasons a business fails in their placement on mapping. According to industry leaders at Moz, one of the largest factors in getting negative rankings for Local SEO is mismatched NAP in mentions, directories, listings, and citations. It can destroy your marketing efforts for Local SEO!

Moz puts it this way: “information regarding your NAP is essential for getting more citations and improving search engine rankings”. Your information on Yelp must be match with Google+, which must match your localized Small Business Association, and so on and so on.

While local search engine optimization can be tricky with it’s long list of needs, errors to avoid (of which we looked at one), and criteria to follow, the long term rewards are worth the effort. Optimization with pinpoint accuracy is key.

It isn’t magic, however, every methodology must be followed to achieve your success in Local Search optimization.

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Whether you’re in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex or anywhere coast to coast, we have the search engine optimization technologies and methodologies to help place you on local mapping. No matter if you have a single location serving your area or a multitude of locations throughout our country (and beyond), the team at SEO Website Results uses proven tactics to help you conquer your competition.

local searchThe number of consumers using Local SEO continues to rise. Being placed and staying placed in those results is crucial to the success of your business/organization. If your business/organization isn’t showing up on Local mapping, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to drive traffic to your location. It’s that simple.

In moving forward, it’s essential to magnify your visibility in search directories, as well as on websites that hold authority pertaining to your target market.

How important is it for your business/organization to show up on Mapping? Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have sections for localized search results, and those results display above the organic results on both traditional computer and mobile devices. It is important for you to be ranked in those search results. With the soaring number of searches being done on mobile devices, a high ranking on Localized search is a crucial element to placing what you offer in front of qualified customers.

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Research from LSA/Burke Inc. uncovered what consumers area looking for in local search. Notice their findings on this graph.

research results

Notice what is most important to shoppers. Where you are and your phone number are most significant.

However, there is a bigger take-away from this if we look a little closer. Additional research finds 80% of internet searchers use mobile phones, while nearly half also use a tablet device. When considering these are “shoppers-on-the-go”, how much business are you losing if you aren’t properly optimized by appearing on Local mapping? Nearly half of today’s internet shoppers use handheld devices; the very same devices they use to call a business after searching with their device. Don’t lose a huge market share to your competition. The day of mobile on-the-go shopping, using Local search isn’t coming … it’s here! You can expect Local SEO to grow to staggering rates in the next couple of years. Mobile brings the most qualified of prospects that are looking for you! Whether they are travelers on-the-go shopping during travel, or someone who could become a repeat customer sending you referrals, they’re looking on-line. Will they find you, or your competition? Let us help you be found with Local SEO.

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We will take care of the optimization of your website for localized search. This will assure that the search engines will detect your specific business/organization and targeted your market.mapping location

  • Before beginning your Local SEO project, we target geo-specific keywords that will attract qualified prospects to your location.
  • We optimize your local mapping. It is crucial Google can find your business. We meticulously improve your listing on the maps, completing your profiles. We’ll claim any missing listings. Your NAP data will be checked for accuracy in citations and directories to maintain your Local SEO efforts.
  • We draw prospects to your area using search engine optimization technology. The goal is working with you as a client partner to see your localized audience become dedicated patrons of your business/organization.
  • We aide you in obtaining online reviews. Almost 90% of consumers refer to other patrons online reviews before purchasing goods or services. It’s important for you to maintain positive reviews.
Link building and citations

A vital aspect of a successful marketing strategy is link building. We do this by creating link building strategies centered around your service area and particular industry. Through our technologies we are dedicated to finding you strong link building opportunities.

Industry Citations that are reputable. Citations are often called “web references” that mention your business name and address on different websites. The more citation mentions, the better. One of the most important elements regarding Local SEO are ranking algorithms using reputable citations. Our citations are from well established portals that hold authority. Such as Yelp, Google+, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We also use niche directories centered around your specific market.

As with every service we provide we keep you up to date by reporting to you. And, as always, we have an open door policy for you to call or get in touch with questions.

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We perform Local SEO using a balanced approach specifically for your marketing. No matter if you have a single location or multiple locations, our Local SEO efforts will focus on your business’ unique needs. We will target regionally specific key terms that are designed to drive business to your door using our technological optimization process.

  • We ensure your business is optimized for your search criteria.
  • You will be optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Checks and balances are provided to ensure accuracy for local inclusions.
  • You will be added to multiple directories, keeping your niche market in mind.
  • Addition to business directories using our prioritized system.
  • Our team will aid you in getting online reviews. These reviews are important due to the majority of shoppers who consult them before deciding where to shop.
  • We create business citations for you. This is done by using high quality third party sites making reference of your business/organization name and address. Citations are often called “web references” as they have a similar effect on your Local SEO as Linking does on a website. An example would be your Chamber of Commerce.
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