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There are several Dallas search engine optimization companies as well as Fort Worth search engine marketing companies. However, few of them have the experience and technology to provide you with results by properly optimizing and marketing your website. We pride ourselves in being the best Search Engine Optimization agency serving our client partner’s best interest. Although we are based out of the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, our Search Engine Optimization spans the world wide web. No sales talk, gimmicks, or clever jargon. You will find our unwavering commitment as a satisfied customer. We don’t chain you to any contracts, we don’t have to. Our results are our contract.

We define Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as:

“The procedure by which a website can gradually rise in rankings of the major search engines with stable and continual growth by conforming to their standards of inner design and outward relationship growth.”

The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization is to get high quality traffic to be directed at your site by achieving top organic results. This is done by using “on page” (keyword integration, original content, etc.) and “off page” (social media, link building, etc.) Search Engine Optimization. Our team has the technological methodology along with the dedication to bring you to the top with our SEO methods.

Search engine marketing isn’t a “one and done” event that happens suddenly. It’s an ever changing process involving time, diligence, and commitment due to the continually changing algorithms. In the past two years alone, Google has made 46 major algorithm overhauls and hundreds of smaller tweaks. You must constantly evolve with the changes or you will simply be left behind.

A website seeking top placement in Google isn’t a “light switch” where you see instant results. Rather it’s a “dimmer switch” that gets brighter over time. With proper Search Engine Optimization methods professionally implemented, your site’s future is bright!

How fast that dimmer switch brightens can depend on things such as your geographical location and competitiveness of keyword(s) /key-phrase(s) selection, etc.

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The best way to answer the question “what is SEO?” is to dissect each word individually. What is the importance of each letter in SEO.


The term “Google it” has become a household name. Google currently holds the number one position in the US. While social media plays an important role in a site’s overall Marketing success, when is the last time you heard somebody say “Facebook it” before looking online? You don’t, and you won’t, because Facebook isn’t a search engine. We have had countless business people mention that they don’t have a website, but instead have a Facebook page. Nobody goes to Facebook and types “pizza Dallas/Fort Worth Texas” or “best Realtor in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas” using Facebook for seeking results. Yes, social media plays a role in internet marketing, but it’s role is not to fulfill a query. Okay, back to the ranch.

When people Search, they are really searching for a solution. They seek information, or where to find a product or service, etc. Essentially, they have a void and they use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to fill that void.

This is where you find the best Search Engine Marketing agency who knows how to find your site the best suited keywords/key-phrases to attract prospects during their “action stage”.


The term Engine is used because Google, You-Tube, Bing, and Yahoo etc. are machines. They are highly intricate machines with mind-blowing complexity. Machines in which untold amounts of money are invested into ongoing research and development changes.

There are currently more than 936,900,000 domains online. (source: Internet Live Stats)

That is up by just under 272,810,500 from 2012. The year 2015 is going to see the 1-billion mark. Keep in mind, those are just domain names, the actual amount of web “pages” is in the trillions.

A huge number of people design these machines to retain vast amounts of information. Yet, a machine would not be a machine if a person (or group of persons) were making the decisions on what sites it displays, and in which order. People can’t keep track of these numbers so the machines make the decisions.

search engine optimization spidersThe machines send out “crawling spiders” which crawl sites on a continual basis. They crawl your web pages constantly, whether you know it or not. Unlike the spiders in your home, you want these spiders to crawl around your site so long as you are following the current rules and regulations of SEO. If you are in compliance in keeping up with current rules of SEO, they will go back and report to the machine how well you are doing and suggest your page be placed closer to the top of the results page. However, if your site has errors (known or unknown to you), these spiders won’t bite. They’ll just tell the machine to leave your site stuck at the bottom of the web for nobody to see.

After all, the machine wants to keep it’s reputation that it runs well by only displaying the best results to searchers looking to fill their void. Companies such as Google must maintain their reputation by displaying sites at the top of the results that have invested in deserving high placement. Let’s face it, Google has built their brand reputation around displaying relevant results during a query, and they aren’t letting go of their reputation by displaying low quality sites.

Just as the numbers of URL’s grow, so do the number of times machines such as Google change their algorithms. The major providers keep their algorithms a secret. No one knows the exact parameters of them, but through in-depth study and analysis, it can be determined what the algorithm’s are looking for when making decisions about webpages.

The mammoth machines that run the algorithms keep a very close eye on your site. This brings us to the ever important “O” in Search Engine Optimization.


In Search Engine Optimization, this is the most crucial part to the success or failure of a website.

It is called Optimization because it’s an ongoing process. Just as our definition in the beginning states “stable and continual growth by conforming to their standards”, every change to an algorithm requires changes to your site for it to stay in compliance with the machines new changes (both on and off site).

With every algorithm change that comes along in the evolving world of Search Engine Optimization, your site needs constant tune-ups. Think of it as a race to the top of the results page. As the machines tune their algorithms, your site needs to be tuned along-side of them to keep up the pace. Professional search engine optimization is the only way to keep your site running properly and successfully moving forward.

Think of it this way, if you don’t keep your website fine-tuned with professional Search Engine Optimization it’s like putting your SEO in reverse. If you don’t continually optimize, you will fall behind and you will never be found online.

We would rather put your site in front of your customers using proper SEO, while keeping you ahead of your competition using our proven techniques.

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The web continues to be a growing and complex place. Websites have to stay on top of all the changes to be successful by following the continually fluid rules of search engine optimization. Yet, while the rules to achieve positive placement apply to all websites, not all sites are the same. There is no cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to Search Engine Optimization. You may be strong on your off site optimization while failing with your on-page optimization, vise versa, or any mixed bag in-between.

This is why we are very thorough in our initial consultation regarding your website. We take the time to listen to your goals so we can best explain the right strategy for you to reach them. It will involve the right fit of off page and on page Search Engine Optimization specifically for your site. After our initial conversation you may think our online questionnaire is quite lengthy, and it is. But it is for good reason. The more we know about you and your goals the better we can assist you in reaching them. Then we will use our proven technological strategies with the goal of driving you to the top of the results page. After all, your success is our shared success. If you are as serious about your website as we are our business, we will be a good fit.

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At SEO Website Results, we focus on achieving top organic Search Engine Marketing. Organic search engine marketing is the most effective method of online marketing. It is cost effective and results in higher traffic being driven to your website. You will see throughout our site, verifiable data shows more than 90% of people look for businesses, services, and organizations online. Inbound marketing is today’s marketing, plain and simple. Of those people who shop online, nearly the same amount never go past page one of the results. What is more, an average of 80% of those searchers ignore the paid (non organic) results. In large, people view paid ads as negative or non trustworthy. Though paid ads can have their place depending on a website’s circumstances, the end goal is ultimately organic search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Dallas / Fort Worth organic placement
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Google heat map

Google “Heat Map” of Consumer Views
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View the findings of a study done by Google and Eyetools. The first picture shows an example of a [random] organic results page. The second picture is from the study by Google and Eyetools. It is a “Heatmap” showing the activity of where searchers looked and for how long. Notice the large majority of people are drawn to the highest ranking organic results.

This shows why it is vital for the success of your website to choose the scientific approach in selecting the right keywords/key-phrases for your campaign. The organic results are highly sought after, and for good reason! It’s where your customers are searching. For most businesses, including Local SEO in their overall marketing campaign gives them a competitive edge for obtaining high placement in the results page. Using these two methods of search engine optimization can give you the winning edge in gaining the online shoppers attention.

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At SEO Website Results we pride ourselves in keeping current in our ever changing world of the web. We stay aware of the latest developments and trends in Search Engine Marketing. As it changes we change with it so we can best serve our client partners with the latest technology while maintaining our standards of integrity. We only follow legitimate white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques as to never compromise our integrity, nor the vulnerability of our client partners websites. We follow the guidelines while using many other proprietary means to stay in tune and up-to-date with the latest developments. We are in constant communication with other industry leaders allowing us to stay on top using the latest innovative methods in SEO. We keep a close eye on your site, allowing you to do what you do best, keeping an eye on your business.

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team of Search Engine Marketing professionals pride ourselves not only in keeping with current trends. We also enjoy the relationships we develop with each of our client partners. When we say your success is also ours, it’s not just a slogan. We take what we do personally, and very seriously. It’s how we run our business.


You always have access to our company owners during the whole process. Sure, it’s electronic Search Engine Marketing, but we never want to lose that personal connection, so we always use either video conferencing or conference calls with you.


Dallas Fort Worth team1) Setting up your Search Engine Marketing campaign
We’ll find why your current website and marketing plan isn’t working and describe our plan of remedy. A full audit of your site is performed. We show you the errors, warnings, and notices then we fix them. Your codex, link structure, overall page navigation and current content are considered. A detailed analysis of your top competitors is performed to provide you a clear report of comparison.

2) Keyword Research
Thorough and comprehensive keyword research is the foundation of any Search Engine Marketing campaign. We use many advanced technological tools in your keyword research as well as our own proprietary method of developing keywords. After all, our goal is to make your investment pay-off! In your personalized keyword research, we keep in mind your target audience, geographical location, and competitive nature of your keywords. We will explain how they will benefit your Search Engine Marketing campaign, which will be tailored to meet your goals for your approval.

3) Website “on-site” Optimization
Good quality content rules today’s web. Our writers thoroughly and thoughtfully incorporate your keywords/key-phrases into each of your main pages. We do this keeping LSI in mind, optimizing each page of your website according its topic. Checks and balances are tailored to your specific needs to ensure proper density of keywords/key-phrases. On-site Search Engine Optimization is crucial in your campaign.

4) Optimization of Code
Code is the “glue” that holds your website together. Our SEO strategists analyze your code by re-writing your meta tag, description tag, etc. We’re mindful to employ your keywords/key-phrases, ensuring they are optimized properly for Search Engine Optimization while maintaining white hat SEO methods. We want your website protected as much as you. They will also be strategically placed to be “clickable” (refer to “heatmap” above).

webmaster working5) Back-link Building (off-site)
Algorithms and guidelines continually evolve. We stay on top of your website’s maximum value by building and maintaining back-links. Our focus in keeping with proper Search Engine Optimization is to obtain links from sites related to yours that keep with high standards themselves. A lower number of quality links is far better for your websites ranking than a high number of low quality links! Better still, is a high number of back-links from quality sources.

6) Social Media (off-site)
Social media has now become a key factor in your overall Search Engine Marketing plan. It keeps you and your audience engaged. It is also a powerful reach to those who aren’t already aware of your brand. Reach out, the web is at your fingertips! Our social media plans are tailored to your particular niche, budget, and abilities.

7) Reports-Contact-Ranking
You will receive monthly reports on your progress of our research and development. You will receive a clear PDF report as well as a phone or video conference call. We keep you posted keeping “your business on the rise, staying optimized”. To us, that’s not just the slogan, it’s the way we run our business.

8) And more.

SEO Website Results: Search Engine Marketing at it’s technological finest. Reaching Dallas, Fort Worth and the entire web.

Questions? Call or email. Let’s talk.

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