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Far from idle chatter, Social Media Marketing has rapidly become an important component of the success of many businesses, large and small. If social media marketing is implemented properly as a component of your overall advertising strategy the results for your business can grow.

When we say social media marketing we aren’t talking about taking a picture of your delicious dinner from your favorite restaurant, then posting it online. When we speak of social media marketing we are talking about interactions (shares, liking a post, sharing a tweet, favorites, comments, etc.) just like any sociable talk, but in this case, concerning the growth of your business.

By using proper strategies, you will increase your brand as well as online authority and recognition.

There is a primary reason social media marketing is important. It allows brands to interact with an online community about their business and its products or services. In other words, social media marketing creates a community around a brand as its goal. Through social media, your brand can become a trusted friend in the eyes of your audience and obtain a loyal following. Not that your burrito, beans and rice doesn’t look good, but that’s a different kind of social media. Unless, of course, you’re using social media marketing for your restaurant!

8 out of 10 adults use networking sites. We make your brand interactive! Use our methods to engage your audience, in turn they will engage with you!

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In 2007, social media marketing was in it’s inception of popularity. It didn’t take long before the drumbeat was to invest in social media marketing. A few short years later, the amount of networks had grown at an alarming rate. From the most known social networking, bookmarking websites, news outlets, media sharing, microblogging (hi Twitter), blogs and forums, one thing is for certain, they are here to stay; for the foreseeable future anyway.

Posting online can give you the potential to engage with prospects far beyond your normal sphere of influence by using the power of the web. Use the growth of social media marketing to your advantage for increasing traffic to your website. Industry leader Hubspot announced last year alone that 92% of online marketers claimed social media marketing was important for their business. Of those, 80% indicated their efforts increased traffic to their websites. That’s an extensive amount of traffic that would otherwise go to a competitor.

So the next time you want to think of social media marketing as simple chatter, think of it as advertising that matters!

“Posting online gives your business a larger audience reach like no time in history. People exchange good ideas and information, they engage with others, they gossip. Simply put, social media marketing gives you larger influence to the masses in a shorter period of time. It’s word of mouth advertising on steroids”!

~Greg Brasseur, SEO Website Results

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There is a vast potential for social media marketing to increase the end goal of your business. Anywhere from increasing sales to accelerating visitor sign-ups on your website. Social media marketing isn’t “the” means to an end, rather, it’s an important component in your overall strategy. Certainly one that shouldn’t be ignored. Below is a sampling of how it can improve your business.

10 Marketing Benefits Described Below

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  • Increasing your inbound traffic to your website
    Every network platform you are involved with is another path leading back to your site. If it wasn’t for social media, your reach would be limited to people who were already familiar with your brand and your specific keywords. And in those networks you have the opportunity to share your quality content from your website, in turn, giving you a new visitor. The more quality content you share means increased traffic, more leads, and conversions thereby increasing your Inbound Marketing efforts through earned social media marketing.
  • Less Cost in outreach
    The time it takes to participate in online communities is time well invested for the increased traffic. According to Hubspot, 84% of businesses found just six hours per week on social media increased their traffic. When you consider your audience reach in comparison to outdated outbound methods, your advertising costs are far less for leads that convert to sales. Not withholding, if you maintain your efforts in online communities, your ongoing residual sales are spectacular compared to the short term effects of outbound advertising.

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  • Higher Conversion Rates
    Conversion rates have been proven to be higher as a result of using social media marketing. There are several benefits, but the most significant one is the “humanization element”. Brands become more humanized because online communities are seen as a way of interacting with humans. Why is this important? Because people like doing business with actual people, not with companies. What is more interesting is the studies that demonstrate advertising efforts using social involvement enjoy a 100% higher lead-to-sales rate than outbound methods. Add to this the higher number of followers, friends or fans gives consumers a higher level of trust and credibility in a brand. Building your audience doesn’t happen overnight, but over time the pay-off in conversions far outweighs other outbound advertising methods!
  • Brand Recognition popularity
    You increase the visibility of your business every time you syndicate your well done content. The value in doing this can not be over emphasized. Sharing online is a megaphone for your brand’s voice and content. At the same time it makes you more available for new customers, and makes you more noticeable to current customers. For example, lets say a person uses Twitter often, yet they hear about your business for the first time by seeing it in a news feed. Or, someone who would normally be uninterested in your company would become more familiar with your brand after seeing your brand on several networks. Brand repetition utilizing online community is a powerful tool.
  • Brand Loyalty Will Improve
    Texas Tech University published an article establishing brands who engaged with their customers online have a much higher loyalty from their customer base. They rightly concluded at the end of their article that businesses should take full advantage of social media marketing as a way of staying connected with their audience. A strategic social media marketing plan can prove important in building loyalty in your customer base. In fact, other studies demonstrate nearly 60% of Americans who follow brands through online communities are loyal to those brands. It is a strong component for customer retention!
  • Increased Opportunities for Conversions
    With every well scripted post you place on online, you open the doors for consumers to convert. Upon building a following, at the same time you will have access to new consumers, newly acquired consumers, established consumers, and older consumers. You will be able to interact with all of them. With every blog post, shared image, video, or comment you open the door for reaction, and every reaction brings the potential for someone visiting your website, leading to a conversion. Obviously not every interaction will result in a conversion. However, with the influence of social media marketing every positive interaction adds to the potential of a conversion. Just having the opportunity is the first part that leads to conversions.
  • Greater Brand Authority
    You can show good faith in your brand by interacting with your customers on a regular basis. In doing so, other customers will see the good faith of your brand.  Online forums are one of the first places people go to brag or compliment your business or service. And you can be certain when they post your brand, others will follow you looking for updates. The more people talk about your brand through the fruits of your efforts, the more authority (and value) will shine to new visitors.
  • Greater Customer Experiences
    At it’s core, social media marketing is a means of communication, like getting a phone call or an email. Every contact you make affords you the chance to show [in public] your excellence in customer service to a level demonstrating you want to fortify your relationships with consumers. Example: let’s say a customer has a complaint about your service and they “Tweet” that complaint. This provides an immediate chance to take care of the remark, publicly apologize, take ownership, and appropriate action to satisfy the customer. Or, if you receive a compliment from the customer, you can thank them and make mutually satisfying solutions. It’s all about the personal experience, letting the customer know you care about them. This is one of the most noticeable forms of customer interaction the wise business can take advantage of.
  • Customer Insight-Improved
    Using social media marketing you have the perfect vehicle to gauge what your audience is looking for by the way they interact with your brand. You can find what peaks their interest. In the social media marketing profession this is called “social listening”. It’s your personal social media marketing “nanny-cam” to glean insight from your audience. Gleaning information about your target audience you would otherwise not have. You can place different content on any given topic related to your industry and gauge your audience interest simply by “listening” for what will produce the most interest. Use the various media channels and experiment with different promotions. It takes time and effort, however that time and effort will show you the right blend to increase your goals and revenue.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
    Search engine optimization/SEO is still the best way to bring targeted traffic to your website. However, search engine algorithms are in a constant state of change. Improving your search engine rankings has become much more difficult over the years. It’s no longer the simplified method it used to be. Don’t blame us messengers, but it is only going to become more difficult and much more complex. Google, Bing and Yahoo could be calculating the ranking of a website using social media marketing signals as a significant factor. Why? Because the strongest of brands with web authority use the tool of social media marketing. Your activity online can become a “brand signal” to the major search engines. They are looking for your credibility, trustworthiness, and legitimacy. How does this affect your ranking? Well, in several ways. But if you’re wanting to rank high for a given set of keywords, strong social media marketing campaign may be required.

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social groups iconsThe team at SEO Website Results hopes this sheds some light on the exciting advantages your business can harness through the power of online communities.

We have witnessed the tremendous growth over the past six years in online campaigns. The huge growth in popularity of this form of advertising is for good reason. Over 73% of adult web users find themselves active on at least one social network (source: Media Post). What is more, a staggering 72% will likely buy a product from a brand they are following on SM. Here at SEO Website Results our research shows those numbers will climb much higher in the very near future.

We would like to guide you through your SMM efforts. Those who have taken advantage of our service have seen the benefits of this opportunity. Approached professionally, you can avoid the many pitfalls associated with SMM. Does your business have someone to guide you through the entire process?

We can guide you with:

  • Finding your target audience and tracking their interaction.
  • Monitoring your SM metrics
  • Provide you with tracking data and audience response
  • Keep you informed of keywords and/or key phrases and online trends
  • We will keep you aware of community forums and blogs
  • …and more!

Keep in mind, SMM works for the vast majority of situations. There is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to any of your online activities or SEO. That’s why SEO Website Results teaches a holistic approach to your SEO and internet marketing needs. In our electronic age, we don’t want to be a faceless/voiceless stranger at the end of a keyboard. We are always here to provide that often forgotten personal touch. We provide conference calls or video conferencing should you need help, or if you just have a question. When we say “we don’t have clients, we have client partners”, we mean it. It’s not just a catchy slogan to us, it’s how we run our business.

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