Our Web Design Company is based in Fort Worth / Dallas, reaching globally. We provide the best web design for business, staying on top of web design developments and trends. We pride ourselves in being the best web design company for showcasing your business to your target audience. Professional web design is not only pleasing to the eye, but is also attractive to the search engines.

There are several tasks to successful, professional Web Design. Producing a website design that financially benefits a business is rewarding, but that reward comes with many challenges. Our professional web design company crafts a rewarding site with elements of planning, optimizing for search engines, attracting the human eye and engaging your audience. It’s well worth every hour of website design research!

Gone are the days of half-hearted website design. Writing a few keywords on a site, hoping it has the right layout, then crossing your fingers hoping someone will find your site attractive are extinct. The search engines of today’s internet are scientific beyond yesteryear. Moreover, their complexity will continue as time moves on. In the race for page one results, you need a website designed that is scientific in intent and architecture, ready for fierce internet competition, and engaging to retain and convert your audience!

Our professional construction of a business’ web design is with the end goal in mind – retaining your site visitors, converting them into buyers, and having those buyers be advocates for your business/organization. As one of our clients says, “My business has grown from Web Design, to walk-in’s, to walking business advocates”. Music to our ears.


Our team loves what we do. Web Design and search engine optimization (SEO) are our passions. Being involved with Web Design for more than 15 years, our best strategy has always been satisfied customers. SEO is always changing though. Google alone changed their algorithms hundreds of times just last year. Yet, with all the changes throughout the years from algorithms to style to simply the way the internet functions, one thing never changes. That one thing is when a satisfied customer tells you they love the way their site looks. Admittedly, it’s nice to receive tons of accolades on the appearance of their site, but that’s only part of the process. Sensational results come from proven methods.

You can have the best looking site on the internet, with the most becoming Web Design. However, if it isn’t scientifically optimized for the search engines, it will never be found online.

Success, however, is when the science of a ongoing search engine optimization walks hand-in-hand with a Website Design that is attractive to the human eye while keeping up with the latest search engine algorithms. When science and sight meet, success for your business can follow.

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website design With more than 30 trillion sites online, we would like to make yours one that matters!

Successful websites stand on a firm foundation of five pillars. If a single element is missing, your site will not prosper.

1. Original, Professional, Optimized Content.

Content is the cornerstone of a successful site. The most attractive web design is of no value without clear engaging content that compels your target audience. Your content must also be well written so it is optimized for search engines.

Properly written content will compel your audience to share it on blogs and social media giving you increased brand authority which will result in higher traffic over time. Speaking at a marketing conference, Marcus Sheridan said it well: “Great content is the best sales tool in the world.”

2. Easy To Navigate.

Your Site must be easy for your user to find what they are looking for. Nobody wants to fumble around to find what they are looking for. We build our sites with the end user in mind. Today’s internet user wants to find what they are looking for, simply and quickly. Why have all the great content if it can’t be found? If your site isn’t easy to navigate your prospect will simply click the back arrow and go to another competitor, and you will have lost them. Also, your site must be Responsive (able to navigate on any device). Today’s modern shoppers use mobile devices to find what they need while they are “on-the-go” looking for gratification, instantly.

78% of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase. Studies show the highest percentage of shoppers who convert to buyers do so from a mobile device. Being Responsive is crucial to your market share.

(source: Kiss Metrics)

3. Eye appeal.

We have all heard it: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Your Web Design is no exception! Your website is your “storefront”. How your Website design looks is how consumers form their impression of your business/organization. Even if you have a great product line or unbeatable service, if customers don’t already know you, your first impression is lost. In fact, research shows 68% of online shoppers abandon a site in less than 12 seconds, simply based on how it looks.

4. Turning Visitors into Customers.

Every Web Design we create is unique to fit your individual needs. We invest a lot of time getting to know your business/organization through our process of personalized questions to understand your goals and vision. After this process we can determine what type of “call to action” would be deemed appropriate for maximum conversions. Just as every Website Design is unique, every site we build is uniquely set with conversions in mind. Our team has a goal when it comes to your Web Design: We’ll turn your site into a 24/7 salesperson!

5. Targeted Traffic and Timely Growth.

Your success is truly our success. We take what we do very personally. Therefore, we don’t view our clients as “clients”, rather we view them as “partners”. As any good business partner does, we guide you through the ongoing process of your internet strategy every step of the way to reach your target audience. We guide you through your best approach to social media, blogging, email marketing, and the optimization of your Web Design with your growth in the forefront of our minds.

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We want the web design process to be enjoyable for you. Often web design can be a headache for the client. We want to assure you we create your web design with a personal touch. If you have a website design question in our process, ask away. No web design question is a bad web design question. We’re here to help! Not only do we enjoy helping our partners, but we do our level best to make your experience enjoyable in every step.

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Website design process start to finish includes:

  • Taking time to talk with you about your overall needs and goals via video conference or phone.
  • Having you fill out a web design client survey.
  • Give you WordPress website design choices that fit your needs.
  • Begin the fun of building your web design schematic with your colors of choice. If you have logos, images, or other branding material for your website design we will work them in. If you need a logo created our graphic artist will do so at competitive rates.
  • We only construct architectural sites that are “Responsive” (your website design will work on all devices: mobile to desktop).
  • You will receive a responsive web design constructed in WordPress. This will be an off-line version of your real site. It will allow you to have live interaction with all of the elements and features of each part of your site. You will be able to decide which elements to keep, delete or change. We provide this service to make your decision process and choices easier.
  • Social media links and Google Analytics (if desired) are integrated into your site.
  • Initial meta data added to website design added to website design (alt tags, meta title/meta description).
  • Creation of a “Contact Us” form integrated into your website design (if desired).

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  • Remember, we’re here to help. We will correspond with you during the entire process, via email or personal contact.
  • While your responsive site design is in your interactive off-line environment, 3 rounds of edits are allowed. Remember, it’s your web design, we want you happy!
  • After your site goes “live”, 2 rounds of website design edits are given still. After all, it’s yours and we want it how you want it.
If you ever have any questions regarding your specific SEO or internet marketing needs, never hesitate to send an email or give us a call. Yes, a real live person will answer the phone and treat you with respect. If we are on the phone with another “client partner” when you call, leave a message. We value your time and will always call back the same day, providing it’s within normal business hours.
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